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2017 – today
M.Sc. in statistics (UQAM – EMoStA)

I’m working on fine mapping methodology under the supervision of Fabrice Larribe.

2013 – 2016
B.SC. in statistics (UQAM)

For a quick overview, have a look at the program outline.

2010 – 2013
B.A. in philosophy (Université Laval)

Not completed.

2015 – today
Research assistant (UQAM)

I work on some projects involving programming, mainly in C, C++, python and R. Right now, most of them are not public; below is a list of those that are:

  • ncw, an R package for working with NEXUS formatted data.
  • arlequinToSites, a script to convert Arlequin files to Sites files.
2016 – today
Teaching assistant (UQAM)

I have been a teaching assistant for the following courses:

  1. MAT-2720, Processus stochastiques.
  2. MAT-1185, Statistique descriptive, tableaux croisés, et inférence.
  3. MAT-4681, Statistique pour les sciences.
  4. MAT-2080, Méthodes statistiques

The main job is to give a two hours session once a week to students. During those, I answer their questions and I correct some exercices. I also graded exams and/or homeworks for 1, 2 and 3.

2016 – today
Statistical consultant

I have done consulting both in academic and business contexts. Feel free to contact me if you want more details.

Statistical consultant (SCAD)

This was an internship. I acted as consultant mainly for graduate students and professors in social sciences.

2014 – today
Mathematics teacher at Distribution l'Escalier

Distributions l'Escalier is a great place where young adults who are experiencing difficulties integrating the labor market are given the oportunity to get some work experience. I teach them high school level math courses once a week.

2012 – today
Proofreader at Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders

Project Gutenberg offers high quality free (as in freedom and free beer) ebooks in multiple languages. For this to happen, volunteers are needed to

  1. provide OCRed content,
  2. proofread the content provided,
  3. format the proofread content and
  4. post-process and verify formated content.

Though I have been inactive in the past years, I'm mainly concerned with points 2 and 3.