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Score de risque polygénique et épistasie: une approche "model free" basée sur le processus de coalescence

For the STATQAM seminar series. A presentation on how the Coalescent might be used to account for epistasis when computing polygenic risk scores. Joint work with Fabrice Larribe.

Les nombres à virgule flottante: simple comme .1 + .2 = .3!

For the AECSM seminars series. An informal overview of the various problems that arise when working with real numbers on a computer.

MAT8186 - Techniques avancées en programmation statistiques R

I have been teaching the advanced R course @ UQAM since the automn semester of 2019. All classroom material is hosted on GitHub and publicly available.

JCheck.jl: Randomized Property Testing Made Easy

For JuliaCon 2022. A short presentation of my Julia package JCheck.jl. Since the meeting was virtual, a recording is available!

Accounting for Epistasis in PRSs Through the Coalescent

L(φH0,Φ)f(H0,Φ)=GH0f(φ,ΦG)g(G)dG L({\color{#e65100} \varphi^*} | H_0^*, {\color{#9558b2} \Phi}) \propto f(H_0^*, {\color{#9558b2} \Phi^*}) = \int_{\mathrlap{\color{#4d7e65} \mathcal G_{H_0^*}}} f({\color{#e65100} \varphi^*}, {\color{#9558b2} \Phi} | {\color{#4d7e65} G}) g({\color{#4d7e65} G}) \text d {\color{#4d7e65} G}

For the 2022 annual meeting of the Statistical Society of Canada. Joint work with Fabrice Larribe. This project is motivated by the need to account for epistasis (SNP-SNP interaction) in polygenic risk scores. We introduce a framework for "model-free" phenotypical prediction based on genomic data.

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